leaderWe are a team of proven sustainability experts integrating automated management systems to better utilize the energy, resources and ultimately the operating costs of financial institutions, manufacturing and multi-faceted businesses around the world.

Our mission is to ensure you are successful at continuously improving the processes, measurement and management of your business, strategically and efficiently.  We provide the framework for energy, carbon and environmental accountability.  This framework streamline benchmarks starting from where you are, to future goals and all the steps in between.

  • Your success gives you credibility, consistency and transparency in the marketplace.
  • Your success gives you resiliency, versatility, and adaptability in constantly changing environments.
  • Your success gives you results without a huge investment of capital costs.

Therefore, your success defines our success!

Christine DiCeccoChristine DiCecco

A resourceful Environmental Professional, who has a proven ability to lead change with a “systems thinking” approach to environmental management, compliance and policy to create resiliency in corporations. A well respected team leader that has an exceptional work ethic and passion every day. Experience in Project Management, Business Development and Strategic Implementation.

As President of Connexions Consulting, she brings a life-time of passion and over 5 years of environmental expertises in the areas of sustainability. She is a ISO 14001 Lead Auditor and has training in Green Project Management, Trends in Energy Management and LCA.